Travel Specialist and Consultant

We help corporations, small business owners and entrepreneurs improve their customer service and bottom line in the hotel and restaurant industry. We have over 30 years experience in evaluating properties using the requirements and inspection guidelines established by the American and Canadian Automobile Associations.

Since leaving AAA, Rodney has continued to work in the industry as a Business Consultant and Travel Specialist helping properties in the Great Lakes region maintain their high standards in housekeeping and maintenance, upgrade their properties and improve guest satisfaction. In the long run, these improvements increase business and help properties maintain their present ratings in the industry.

A typical evaluation of your property will include the review of six key areas:

  • Cleanliness and Condition
  • Exterior, Grounds, and Public Areas
  • Guestroom Décor, Furnishings, and Amenities
  • Bathrooms, and Amenities
  • Guest Services
  • Management and Staff

A typical evaluation of your restaurant will include the review of 5 keys areas:

  • Cleanliness and Condition
  • Food
  • Service
  • Décor and Ambiance
  • Management and Staff

Rodney has also formed strategic partnerships to specialize in marketing, human resources and training to meet the needs of his clients.

We look forward to working closely with your management and staff in your commitment to take action to improve your hotel and/or restaurant services.

Comments from The Grand Rapids Press, February 16, 2003,

“Being evasive comes with the territory when you’ve spent more than 20 years evaluating restaurants, lodgings and campgrounds as an undercover judge for the American Automobile Association. That’s why Rodney Volk won’t tell you when he visits an area or the “ticks of the trade” he uses to take notes undetected. Volk evaluated the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel’s The 1913 Room restaurant last year and was so impressed he recommended the Five Diamond Award. “ “Volk judges about 900 properties and travels an average 200 days a year, looking for the “wow” factor, he said. “I’ve been eating at The 1913 Room over the years and the potential for the Five Diamond has always been there,” Volk said. “The turning point for them was when they renovated and re-opened with a whole new enthusiasm and all the pegs in the right place.” “The moment you walk through the door, you feel the change and the difference”.

This comment was in a letter dated October 9, 2009,

“First, I want to compliment and show appreciation to Mr. Rodney Volk, who has been our inspector for almost all 23 years of our hotel being in operation. He has always been sincere, friendly, with great observation skills. He has always clearly known your rules and regulations regarding your diamond rating specifications and been forthright in sharing details. His early retirement is a disappointment to us, but we wish him the absolute best!”