Inadequate Trainers and Time Management Training Programs

Inadequate Trainers and Time Management Training Programs

Time management training encompasses a very wide spectrum of training areas. Depending on preferences it can be tapered to address particular time management disciplines. Time management training must focus on practical issues and actual experiences particular to the trainees because theories and advises made will not be easily implemented if it deviates from that.

While time management training is popular anywhere in the world and trainees sincerely wants to adopt its principles, many training programs can fail when advises talks of generalities and less on the actual realities of the worker. Another common approach that can fail is to ask the trainees what they expect to address and resolve at the start of the time management training program and resolve this at the end with approaches that are still generic.

Time management programs are now popularly available. The demand for this course has increased overtime. More or less, people have ideas on what the program talks about and many have in one way or the other practiced it in differing degrees of success. Bars have already been raised. It is therefore no longer practical to choose a time management training outfit based alone on the impressive agendas that they provide and the number of training that they have conducted.

Worse, it is no longer effective to send the company’s training manager to one of these programs and cascade what he learned to the employees. Doing that is like handing out documents that have been carbon copied several times over. The conviction will be lacking, the integrity is nil and the message lost.

It is critical then that trainers and speakers are chosen based not only on their agenda but also on their ability to discuss with emphatic understanding to particular working conditions. Failing that will often result to having a speaker who will coach the trainees on many ideas that the workers have heard already and end on advice that will be hard and unrealistic to apply.

When choosing a trainer that will conduct the time management training program, it will be very helpful if they have had experiences in working the trenches because trainees can identify these and can have a better relationship with the trainer. If not, the trainers’ integrity is questionable to the average worker and may result to ineffective time management training programs.

It is also imperative that the trainer conducts follow though and one on one coaching based on what has been resolved during the program and be able to monitor accurately the trainees’ progress. Your success can often depend on that.

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