Inquire About Clients

Inquire About Clients

As with any employee, you are going to want to find
out the past type of work that they have done.

During the interview, inquire about the companies and
individuals that the consultant has worked for. A
mistake that people make when they see big name
corporations on the person’s resume’ is to assume that
they are great because they worked for a big name

The thing to remember about big name corporations is
that they sometimes hire consultants for short periods
of time if they have expertise that is needed for a
certain project.

Don’t take a chance and hire someone simply because
they have an impressive resume’. Anyone can write down
names and companies on a piece of paper.

Take the time to get in contact with the referrals and
find out what exactly the person did for the person or

It’s always a good idea to check out the referrals
that a prospective consultant has given you and make
sure that the claims that they make are well founded.

You want to know that the consultant can do what they
claim to be able to do, and that they will be able to
do the work that they will be given.

After all, you are putting your company in their hands
and trusting them to give you good advice. Remember,
even if you think you have found the consultant you
are looking for, keep your appointments.

You may find one that you like better.

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